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HEREBY, This membership agreement regulates the liabilities and the rights of the CUSTOMER (herein below will be referred to as MEMBER) who will be benefiting from the services presented at the internet address MEMBER section, belonging to the Aylan Nakliyat reklamcılık Pazarlama Ltd. Co (herein blow will shortly be referred to as shipdata)  of which the registered residing address is, Bağdat Cad. No 171 Enis Ap A blok K.2 D.24 Maltepe / Istanbul .

1)     THE CUSTOMER , hereby, will fill in the requested information for membership, accurately and correctly, shall pay the membership (365 USD) fee and must have been found eligible upon the application to be a member after the examination processed by shipdata, upon approval, the company name, the password and the user information of the member will be activated by shipdata and the membership will be commenced and the CUSTOMER will benefit all the rights reserved for them.

2)     The MEMBER accept that all the information and the photographs which will be inserted to the ystem will be published in compliance wit the site format and in such cases when shipdata can not provide the services due to the technical problems beyond its control, the MEMBER accepts and undertakes that, SHIPDATA will not be held responsible and no indemnification will be claimed.

3)     The CUSTOMER in advance declares and undertakes that by completing the membership transactions s/he has read the whole agreement, and understood its full content and unconditionally accepted and approved all the issues specified in the agreement and in the internet site, and s/he will not be claiming any objections or defiles regarding the specified aspects. The CUSTOMER shall not give the password specified by him/herself or given by Shipdata to other people or institutions. The Rights for use obtained by the agreement only belongs to the MEMBER, they are not permitted to be assigned. For the abuse of the password by third parties, CUSTOMER is the direct responsible, for any legal/administrative pecuniary penalties and/or indemnification to be paid, arising from this, SHIPDATA reserves its right to refer them to the CUSTOMER.

4)    SHIPDATA does not undertake any responsibilities regarding the information published by the MEMBERS, MEMBERS are responsible of any content they publish.

5)   The MEMBER is never permitted to use the service s/he has bought in a manner which will damage the general public order, conflicting with general moral values, bothering third parties or for provocation, for any purpose against the Law, by infringing the intellectual and copy rights of others. Additionally, the MEMBER is not permitted to perform works or activities which will prevent or make difficult the use of the services by other Members. The MEMBER in advance accepts and undertakes to comply with the above stated restrictions.

6)    THE MEMBER has accepted not to access the software and data of the other internet users benefiting from the services, without prior permission and/or not to use them, not to present them to other third parties or institutions. Otherwise, all kinds of indemnifications and/or administrative/legal pecuniary penalties which will become the liability of SHIPDATA, will be referred to the MEMBER just as the same.

7)   The member accepts and undertakes that s/he will not infringe and comply the Law for Intellectual Rights, the decree with law force  for Protection of Trade Marks, Law for protection of patents, Turkish Commercial Code, Law of Obligations and other provisions of legislation, and to also to comply with the other notifications which are to be published by SHIPDATA and not to infringe them. Otherwise, all kinds of indemnifications and/or administrative/legal pecuniary penalties which will become the liability of SHIPDATA, will be referred to the MEMBER just as the same.

8)     The member declares, accepts and undertakes that the announcements, information and the photographs published over SHIPDATA are correct, s7He will not spare any space for such things which will mislead the SHIPDATA MEMBERS and or third parties and the institutions, all the opinions, ideas, expressions and the photographs which will be published over SHIPDATA  does not have any connection with SHIPDATA  and they will only be binding Him/herself. Although again, all the legal 7administrative pecuniary penalties and/or indemnifications which become payable by SHIPDATA will be referred to MEMBER all the same.

9)      SHIPDATA at any time can temporarily or permanently unilaterally stop  the service provided to the MEMBER. MEMBER, hereby, in advance accepts this disposal. In such a case, The responsibility of the SHIPDATA is limited with the returning of the fees for the sections of the services remaining unused by the MEMBER.

10) THE MEMBER is obliged to insert correct information during the membership at those sections written and updated by Him/Herself at SHIPDATA. The membership of those members who enter in wrong or incorrect information may be frozen.. Their contacts may be terminated unilaterally and banned from the membership.

11)  MEMBER, hereby, accepted and undertaken that s/he will not disclose all kinds of commercial/confidential information obtained within the scope of the execution of this agreement to third parties and institutions as long as there is no legal obligation and that s7he will use the best efforts to make the employed assistant people to comply with this provision.

12)  As the membership relation of the CUTOMER and  SHIPDATA in a virtual media, the agreement is only established and started to be executed with mutual rights and liabilities upon  completion of the member application form along with the complete payment, and at the parallel line, with the acceptance of SHIPDATA.

13)  The CUSTOMER accepts and undertakes that the personal/company information given in the title “MEMBER FORM” are correct. The CUSTOMER accepts and undertakes that the address omong these information  is the valid legal notification address and upon any change it will be informed to the SHIPDATA and in case it is not informed, any notifications sent to this address will be valid.

14) The MEMBER is responsible at first degree from all the texts s/he inserts, and photographs s7He adds. Shipdata would never publish illegal texts or photographs. Activities conflicting the general moral values are not permitted. Shipdata also may only benefit them in direction with its format. The membership of those members who are considered as unfavorable, are cancelled. Shipdata can never be held responsible of the legal proceedings which may arise in the name of the MEMBER.

15) Hereby, for the settlement of any disputes which may arise from this agreement, the venue is Istanbul Courts and Execution Offices.